In a very unorthodox move, AMD gives away chips to those that attended the Intel Developer’s Forum this week. The way the news portrays these two companies, I didn’t think AMD would be allowed to attend. Or even get close enough to the venue to pull this stunt off. Yet AMD was in San Fransisco, directly outside the Moscone Center, where IDF was happening, giving away free cans of potato chips.¬†Yes, potato chips in a can! What did you think I was talking about?

In what I consider a brilliant move by AMD marketing (a phrase I never expected to use) this approach could attract a lot of new developer attention for AMD’s November Developer Summit. I Applaud the mad genius that AMD seems to have added to the marketing team and look forward to more whimsical fun. This is a far and away better campaign than the confusing TressFX promotion that launched earlier in the year for their graphics division.

If you want to see more of a different kind of chip, you can find out more about why they did this right here.

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