One of the coolest new features of INTEL’s Z68 Platform is called Intel Smart Response Technology (ISR). Found only on Z68 motherboards, ISR offers the benefits of SSD technology with smaller and more affordable drives. This is something that Intel will continue to offer in future chipsets. Our video above helps define what ISR is and how it works. We’ll be covering specifically…

Basic Setup – With the help of some hardware provided by ASUS, Intel, and Kingston, we’ll simplify ISR and explain the benefits are and how users take advantage of it on a new Z68 system. We cover getting the system set up, from selecting and installing an SSD to configuring the Intel Rapid Storage software for optimum results.

Setting Up On An Existing System – For those of you that upgraded to an INTEL Z68 board from an existing system, we offer an ingenious work around that allows you to install an SSD to take advantage of ISR without having to reinstall the OS. This has worked in our lab tests and we want to share this so you can save time and not have to reformat.

Intel Smart Response Performance – After all that effort of setting it up, we show you just what kind of pay off you’ll get by installing an SSD and enabling INTEL Smart Response Technology. Thanks to Kingston and INTEL, we are able to show you exactly what the effect is of multiple size SSDs up to the maximum 64GB supported.

If you’re thinking about a new INTEL Z68 motherboard and are wondering if Smart Response is worth the switch, then this is one video you won’t want to miss. For more information on the INTEL Z68 platform, please check out our extensive article and coverage.  We’ll also be reviewing more boards based on the INTEL Z68 chipset so make sure you stick around for more reviews.

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