When it comes to motherboards and graphics cards, EVGA is merely a small fish in the big scheme of things. Despite being fairly aggressive at retail, they sometimes get thrown the entrails. But it’s what they do with them that matter and over the years, the company has definitely carved out a small yet loyal niche of overclockers and enthusiasts that are willing to wait for what they plan to do with the latest and greatest. This year at COMPUTEX 2011, they finally get their INTEL P67 series boards out the door and they don’t look bad as we see in the video above featuring EVGA’s own Jacob Freeman.

In the video, we start off with their P67 FTW edition which includes their fancy ECP V4 control panel and is one of few boards ever to feature a right angle ATX power connector. This definitely helps tidy up cables and we appreciate that. We also see triple SLI support for this board. Following that up is a dual SLI board which is also in the ATX form factor. Then finally, we get a mini-ITX version that is coming at the right time as more and more gamers are discovering that mini-ITX boards have just as much punch as their larger brethren. Most importantly, they are easier to transport to your favourite LAN Party.

Finally, Jacob lets on that they will be finally letting Z68 boards out of the bag which lets them join the battle with features like INTEL Smart Response and Virtu onboard. When this is going to happen? Your guess (and Jacobs) is as good as mine.

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