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Tying Up Some Loose Ends

It’s clear that LogicBUY really wants to emphasize the social or community aspect of its shopping site. Beyond submitting deals, voting on them, and providing comments, users can also spread the word on great deals through a number of social bookmarking and networking sites like Reddit, MySpace, Slashdot, Technorati, and Facebook.

I also find it admirable that the people from LogicBUY are open to constructive criticism. That’s why they have a periodic giveaway where they ask for feedback on what you like (and don’t like) about LogicBUY. In the past, they’ve given away everything from a Nintendo Wii to a Garmin Nuvi 200 GPS system. Currently, they are giving away a Flip Mino. Free is definitely the best price, don’t you think?

If you don’t like the default “grid” view for how the deals are displayed on LogicBUY, you can also switch to what they call “thumb” view. This minimizes the details, but you can see more deals at a glance than with the standard grid view. Under thumb view, however, you can’t see any of the specifics nor can participate in the voting process.

On a side note, you’ll also notice that all outbound links from LogicBUY are redirects. This leads me to believe that all the deals submitted by the LogicBUY team make use of affiliate links and there’s nothing stopping them from doing the same for user-submitted deals. Interestingly, the list of featured stores in the sidebar do not link directly to,, or HP Home. Instead, they lead you to a page on LogicBUY listing all the deals from that particular store.


LogicBUY isn’t particularly groundbreaking in its approach to finding the best technology deals on the Internet, but like I said in the beginning, there are a few features that set it apart from other similar sites. The ability for the user community to submit hot deals adds a lot of value, because as the community grows, it also means that you have more eyes and ears at your disposal for finding the best price. The voting, commenting, and user review aspects are quite good as well. Navigating through the site is easy too.

I’m pretty sure that you don’t want to spend full retail on any of your purchases and, at the same time, it’s impossible for you to keep track of all those rebates, coupons, and sales. By referring to LogicBUY before buying a Western Digital Velociraptor, MSI Wind, or the latest Radeon HD 4850 Video Card, you can make sure that you really are getting the best deal.

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