Futurelooks made their way to GottaCon 2014 this past weekend to bring gamers the joy of PC DIY. Accompanied by audio from Creative Labs, motherboards from GIGABYTE, GPUs from NVIDIA, and cases from In Win Technology, we gave over 3000 gamers of all kinds, a chance to experience the best in PC gaming technology. Also there support of the PC gaming scene were reps from Kingston Technology, and NCIX PC.

When we dropped in on them last year, the event was still around the 1500 attendee mark. Doubling their numbers this year at their new home at the Victoria Conference Center, means that this event is definitely here to stay. The team is already getting ready for next year and will be anticipating an audience of 5000 – 6000, making this event the largest of its kind in Western Canada. And if things keep going like this, it could very well grow into a “PAX North” as the event focuses on a broad spectrum of gaming from board games, consoles, and of course, PC gaming with a large 200 person LAN, that will be expanded indefinitely in 2015.

At our Gamers Lounge, hosted by Futurelooks and our sister site, MEGATechNews, we had some of the best hardware at the show. For starters, we constructed two special systems built inside In Win’s very pretty 900 series cases, which combine tempered glass and a single piece of aluminum, into systems that had board gamers and PC gamers alike, drooling over them.

Check out our coverage video below for a look at those systems…

One of the things Futurelooks had a chance to do was continue our mass education of gamers on the joys of PC DIY. We invited all gamers to partake in our panel, which was one of the best attended of the entire GottacCon Convention. The heavy amount of swag we brought along including great prizes might have contributed to that we think!

Our panelists included Eric Chen from NVIDIA, the Crazy Russian, Ivan Metelitsa from NCIX PC, and our very own Eric Garay. Check out the panel in its entirety in the video below…

We had a great response from the audience, and we’ll definitely be back next year with even more swag, prizes, and of course, more special guests from the industry, to help us spread the joy of PC DIY.

For more pics from the event, check out our Facebook Gallery. And don’t forget to check out the coverage from MEGATechNews as well.

If you want to attend GottaCon next year, make sure you keep an eye on their website for details as they develop. If you make it out, we’ll definitely see you there next year!

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