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Samsung LN52A630 52-Inch LCD HDTV Review

I like big televisions. They're just so much more enjoyable than small televisions, especially when you get to enjoy high definition content being pumped out from a good source like a Blu-ray player. The larger screen also comes in really handy when you're playing high-definition video games and watching Monday Night Football. And the best part? Getting a huge TV is more affordable than ever.

As the market gets more competitive, it can become increasingly difficult to choose just the right TV. After all, if you're going to invest a couple thousand dollars in a large LCD TV, you want to be sure that you're getting the right one. I had the opportunity to stimulate my senses with the latest series of LCD televisions from Samsung. The Series 60 630 HDTVs come in three different sizes and I took the largest, the 52-incher, out for a test spin. The exact model number is the LN52A630. You can probably figure out where the "52" and the "630" come from.

Aside from a speedy 120Hz refresh rate and glorious 1080p resolution, the Samsung LN52A630 comes with a few notable extras as well. Let's see what this huge HDTV is all about.

Features and Specifications

Samsung LN52A630 52-Inch LCD HDTV Review

The two most obvious numbers that you'll see associated to the Samsung LN52A630 HDTV are that it is a 52-inch LCD TV and it's got full 1080p HD resolution. One of the areas where LCDs have traditionally fallen behind equivalently-sized plasma TVs are in the refresh rate, resulting in all sorts of nasty motion blur. Samsung has tried to overcome this issue with a speedy 120Hz refresh rate.

Running through the rest of the specifications, you'll find the following.

  • Touch of Color design with narrow width bezel
  • HD-grade 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution
  • Auto Motion Plus 120Hz refresh rate
  • Widescreen aspect ratio
  • 40,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
  • TFT active matrix display

If that's not enough for you, a full list of specifications are available right here. I'll go through the various connection options in a moment.

Unpacking and the Contents of the Box

Samsung LN52A630 52-Inch LCD HDTV Review

I have to hand it to Samsung. They know a thing or two about carefully packing a large television into an even larger box. In order to provide both great protection and relative ease of mobility, the box for the Samsung LN52A630 HDTV has a couple of little black brackets near the bottom. These hold the box in place. Remove them and the entire box, with the exception of the base, slips off like a sleeve. That's pretty creative, because it means that you can easily use the handles on the sides of the box for easy transport.

Naturally, the LCD television itself is fully protected with styrofoam protectors and a foam-like sleeve. After removing the box sleeve, you reveal a TV that looks like the one below. Take off the foamy sleeve and you've got yourself one beautiful television.

Samsung LN52A630 52-Inch LCD HDTV Review

Inside the box, you'll find the TV itself, a series of documentation (user manual, warranty information, etc.), the remote, a couple of AA batteries for the remote, power cable, and a cover in case you want to remove the stand and mount the TV on the wall instead. Nothing too exciting on this front.

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  • Beauty

    I agree with you I love Big TV's too. That is why I'm going to buy a new one tomorrow for the big Super Bowl game! Sure they aren't my team but I love football and I’m having all my co-workers at DISH over for a party. So you know I have to the best! I was told that Samsung was one of the best HDTV's to get and after reading your review it looks like I will be making the right choice in getting it. All I need to do is get HD free for life with DISH and I will have everything for my Samsung after going and getting it. Thanks for the review!

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