The revised Cougar Point P67 platform is still one of the best values in performance from INTEL. It’s pretty much the high performance street racer of chipsets in both stock and especially overclocked performance. ASUS has added their own touches to create a ROG version of this platform offering gamers all the bells and whistles they’ll ever need to reach those extreme speeds. Have a look at the unboxing video above (or directly on YouTube) of the ASUS Maximus IV Extreme ROG motherboard.

ASUS also added even more features to satisfy the extreme LN2 overclockers providing the tools like LN2 Mode switching, leads for voltage monitoring, TPU/EVO control, ROG Connect/iDirect, RC Bluetooth and the largest software suite offered in the industry all aimed at giving you every ounce from the motherboard. This platform truly is the extreme DIY enthusiast’s platform.

And, if you aren’t one to go extreme, the Maximus IV Extreme will match any high performance DDR3 memory XMP profile as well as offers preset overclocking configurations that work perfectly. Perhaps the 3-way NVIDIA SLI and AMD CrossfireX PCIE 2.0 slots are what the game doctor ordered. Even better, feel free to mount two GTX 590 dual GPU video cards for a little Quad SLI action and the board will exceed your expectations.

Pricing for the board has come down to about the $300 US/CA mark making it much more tempting. Stay tuned for the full review coming up very soon on!

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