Not a lot of all in one printers come across our desks leaving us thinking “Hey, that’s kinda cool”. Lexmark’s Genesis All-In-One is definitely a bit of an exception. Unlike other all-in-ones (AIO) that take up your whole desk, the Lexmark Genesis is upright and uses very little desk space. The unit is inkjet based using three color cartridges and a much larger black cartridge that apparently can be purchased cheaper than the competition. This is important since the problem with inkjets is the cost of consumables.

The other cool thing about the unit is the scanning function. Unlike other scanners on other AIOs, the one on the Lexmark Genesis takes a picture. Using some advanced algorithms, it’s able to recognize text and capture scans in full color. It also has apps available for uploading to it that give it additional functionality when untethered.

For the full review of the Lexmark Genesis, stay tuned to or keep an eye on this video for an updated review link announcement.

UPDATE: Full Review Is Posted Here.

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