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The Ecosystem for iPhone accessories is this huge juggernaut that no one seems to be able to stop. But why would anyone want to stop it? Manufacturers certainly aren’t complaining because they are making tons of money off the huge margins this category of products has afforded. Fueled by the inherent weak points of the iPhone in general, companies are turning out products that do their best to gloss over these shortfalls while laughing all the way to the bank. One particular point of contention for most iPhone users is battery life.


Though battery enhancement products already exist for portable devices like the iPhone 3G, Mophie is one company that is approaching this problem a little differently than the rest. Instead of creating an external battery that tops up your iPhone with a cord, their product becomes part of your iPhone.

Despite sounding like something that mom would have packed into my Scooby Doo lunch box back in Kindergarten, the Mophie Juice Pack solves this power struggle and adds a couple of convenience features that iPhone 3G users may enjoy.

Features and Specifications

The Mophie Juice Pack offers iPhone 3G users another 1800 mAh of battery life through a lithium polymer cell. This easily eclipses the standard 1150 mAh internal battery. It’s also the first attached battery product to pass Apple’s “Works with iPhone” certification.


The signature features of the Mophie Juice Pack lies specifically in the fact that it becomes a part of your phone, making it easy to carry it around. The Juice Pack does add a noticeable amount of weight (3 oz) and size (doubles the thickness) to your iPhone 3G, which may be a huge turn off for some users that bought for looks alone. However, users seeking functionality will appreciate no longer being the only one in a a boardroom running for an outlet. The rubberized grips and the non-slip surface add some protection to your iPhone 3G as well as providing a much more solid grip than the slippery fish feel of the iPhone 3G’s glossy shell.


The Mophie Juice Pack also offers two very slick convenience features that users should enjoy: A battery meter that operates like the battery on any MacBook (indicated by four LEDs) and it also provides the convenience of mini-USB for both charging and syncing. The Mophie Juice Pack only fits the iPhone 3G 8GB and 16GB models and all of this can be yours for around $99.95 US, but you can decide if it’s worth it as we continue on with our review.

What’s In The Box?


The Mophie Juice Pack is extremely well dressed up on the outside, but inside, you get a mini-USB cable, a simple manual, and some stencil perforated into the back of the mock iPhone 3G cut out. Apparently, you are supposed to spread the “Mophie Love” with this stencil. Well, I guess this is a “Juice Pack” after all and I did fancy them back in the Kingergarten Days like I fancied stencils and crayons.

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