At COMPUTEX 2014 last year, Thermaltake alluded that they would be dumping a metric ton of new products on us very soon. In particular, products that reached out to the liquid cooling crowd. At CES 2015, that’s exactly what happened. In fact, there were almost too many products to cover, so these are the major highlights we were able to capture at their suite in Las Vegas, in our video coverage.

For those that want to skip around, check out the time codes below. If you have any problems watching the video, you can also view it on our YouTube Channel. (originally posted on Jan 9, 2015)


00:32 – The highly anticipated Core X series was launched at this show, and contains the X9, which supports E-ATX boars, the X2 which fits mATX boards, and the X1, which works with mITX boards. All of the cases can be completely disassembled to fit any water cooling solution, and you can even stack them, to create multi-system or have systems with all the liquid cooling guts contained to one cube. They range in price from $99 to $169 US.


04:31 – To go with these new water cooling focused cases, Thermaltake has also decided to help everyone discover just how easy it is to build their own water cooling setup. Along with the launch of their new Pacific radiators, which are part of their new line of Tt Liquid Cooling System (LCS) Certified components, the company is creating support channels through social media, and other channels, to help demystify this once voodoo art. In addition to the radiators, the company will also have a series of tubing, fittings, pumps, water blocks, which will come with this new user experience, that Thermaltake hopes, will turn custom water cooling more mainstream.


06:14 – Thermaltake has not forgotten about the need for high end air cooling, which is why the company unveiled their new Frio Extreme Series of coolers. We highlight the Frio Extreme Grand, which is their top end product, but the trickle down from the top goes right to the bottom. Pricing and availability is coming soon.


07:30 – Thermaltake also launched a series of end to end braided cables for their Toughpower Grand series of power supplies, which just launched in higher 80PLUS Platinum ratings. The cables are not sleeved extensions, but complete replacements, that come in a range of colors, and range in price from a few dollars and up. It also allows you to pick and choose your most important cables, instead of picking up elaborate kits that cost a lost, or need to take the time to sleeve them yourself.

We remember when Thermaltake dived into PC DIY many years ago, and made it more mainstream. We`re pleased to see them come at the market again, taking some of the more custom aspects of PC DIY, and making it more accessible to builders both beginner and seasoned.

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