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HyperMac Micro Steps Up a Notch

HyperMac Mini, Micro, and Nano Portable Batteries Reviewed

Maybe you need something a little bigger. The next step up in the HyperMac portable battery family is the HyperMac Micro. It is shown above next to my Nokia E71 smartphone.

Like the HyperMac Nano, the HyperMac Micro is also available in nine different colors. Unlike the HyperMac Nano, however, you don’t get an integrated cable here. Instead, there is a female USB-out port for charging your mobile devices.

HyperMac Mini, Micro, and Nano Portable Batteries Reviewed

To charge the HyperMac Micro, you can use the provided AC power adapter or via a regular USB cable connected to your computer. You can see the mini-USB port for charging too. The indicator LED will show you the charging progress when you have it plugged into a power source.

The step up in size from the Nano corresponds to a doubling in the battery capacity too. The HyperMac Micro gets loaded with a 3600mAh lithium-ion battery. The standard battery on my Nokia E71 is 1500mAh, so I have enough to charge my phone more than twice. That’s a lot of juice.

In terms of build quality and design, I’d swear that this looks almost like a portable hard drive of some kind. In this way, it’s easily compact enough to fit in a jacket pocket or laptop bag.

HyperMac Mini Goes Big, Doesn’t Go Home

HyperMac Mini, Micro, and Nano Portable Batteries Reviewed

It may be called the HyperMac Mini, but this is the largest of the iPhone/iPod portable battery family from HyperMac. Again, the core market is comprised of iPhone and iPod owners, but this will charge anything that takes power via USB.

They have once again doubled the battery capacity, stepping up to a whopping 7200mAh lithium-ion battery. That’s positively huge, even though the HyperMac Mini only measures a hair over five inches across. Aside from the larger capacity and physical stature, the Mini is identical to the HyperMac Micro.

Final Thoughts

Sanho Corporation has long since been respected for its external MacBook batteries, giving mobile users the ability to untether themselves from wall outlets for hours on end. With the expansion into the portable market, the HyperMac line could be a serious contender.

The full aluminum construction certainly shows off the quality of the product and the monstrous capacity easily outshines many of its direct competitors. The corresponding Nano colors are a plus too, especially for people who want to get beyond black and silver or who like to color coordinate with their ‘iLifestyle”.

I’m particularly happy with the smaller size and integrated cable of the HyperMac Nano ($39.95US). This is a very convenient package if you expect to be away from a power source for some time. No pricing information has been made available on the Micro or Mini variants, but I’d expect both to make sense in light of the Nano’s pricing.


  • Great aluminum construction and design
  • Impressive battery capacities
  • Versatile USB charging ports
  • Wide range of color options


  • No indicator for capacity remaining
  • Prefer a “click” cap rather than a magnet for Nano

Overall Rating: 8.5/10.0

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