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D-Link 10 Inch Wireless Internet Photo Frame Review

D-Link is normally known for networking equipment like switches and routers. In fact, we've had the pleasure of reviewing their products in the past and found them to be of excellent quality. In the last few years though, their reportoire of product has expanded to include items like media servers, VOIP handsets, Internet cameras, network storage servers and recently, Digital Photo Frames. Although digital photo frames can seemingly be purchased anywhere (even at the grocery check out), D-Link thinks they can do it better. Today, we'll be looking at D-Link's DSM-210, a digital photo frame that combines a 10 inch screen, WiFi and 1GB of onboard memory.

Features and Specifications

It's pretty easy to lump this product with so many other like products on the market. They all have a screen, they all have some memory onboard or the ability to take a memory card, and they all show your pictures. It's what D-Link has done to tweak this frame that sets it apart.

D-Link 10 Inch Wireless Internet Photo Frame Review

D-Link has incorporated wireless (802.11g) and wired (10/100) internet capability into this frame to take advantage of a series of features that really make this more than just a 10 inch digital photo frame with a gigabyte of memory onboard. Once registered on their service called Framechannel, the frame can stream photos from your Facebook, Flickr and other services online. The frame can also stream news, RSS feeds of your choice, and the shared photos on your network.

If you're Internet challenged, don't worry. The frame still functions albeit in a more impaired state. You lose all of the above, but you can take advantage of the 1GB of memory onboard to store your photos. I know, it's piddly in this day and age. That's why D-Link lets you use either the memory card slot or a USB drive filled with your photos to supplement that.

D-Link 10 Inch Wireless Internet Photo Frame Review

All of this is wrapped around a 10 inch LCD screen that supports a 16:9 format at a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. If you're into more techie specs, you can find a whole bunch of them right here.

What's in the Box

D-Link 10 Inch Wireless Internet Photo Frame Review

In order to keep the product simple and accessible, the D-Link DSM-210 comes with a fairly simple bundle. Inside the box you get:

  • DSM-210 Photo Frame
  • Frame Stand
  • Black and White Faceplates
  • AC Power Adapter
  • Remote Control
  • Quick Setup Guide and Software CD
  • Ethernet Cable

Overall, it's really all you need to get going if you've got a wired or wireless network. If you have neither, well it sucks to be you. The only thing that's really missing are a set of screws and wall anchors to allow you to hang the frame if you choose to.

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