So, a whole slew of news surrounding Windows 10 has been bombarding the Internet the last couple of days. The new operating system is going to be a really big deal for Microsoft, unifying its experience across smartphones, tablets, convertibles, laptops and desktop PCs in all sorts of new and exciting ways. For starters, they’re slimming down the package.

It is being reported by CNET that Microsoft will be compressing Windows 10 in a more efficient way in an effort to provide devices with less storage, like tablets, with more usable space. You’ll be getting an “extra” 1.5GB or 2.6GB of storage for your 32-bit or 64-bit installation of Windows 10, respectively. It’s not a huge difference, but every little bit helps. This could also mean that they’ll minimize the bloatware.

We had thought that the so-called Project Spartan web browser would be offered in parallel with a new version of Internet Explorer, but that may no longer be the case. Apparently, the Internet Explorer brand is being killed off. The Verge is reporting that Spartan will get a new name (yet to be determined) and will be the primary web browser, but IE will live on in some versions of Windows 10 for enterprise support.

On the security front, we had heard that Microsoft wanted to kill the password in Windows 10. Now, some of those rumors are coming to fruition. MobileSyrup says that the new system will be called Windows Hello and it will allow you to log into your Windows machine using your fingerprint, an iris scan or facial recognition technology. This could extend to tablets and smartphones too.

And finally, while we figured that Windows 10 would have any sort of official release until at least the fall, Microsoft is surprising us with the Windows 10 launch this summer. It’ll be made available in 111 languages across 190 countries. And remember that you get a free upgrade if you’re already running Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 too.

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