On Our Podcast Show this week, Professor Winston and Stephen help you return to school with the right laptop, desktop, and more. And we’ll talk more about an achievement we’ve wanted to unlock since Season 1 of the show, thanks to Kingston Technology.


00:00 – This is Season 6! We’re going back to school with Kingston.

02:27 – What was Winston’s first computer back in High School?

04:44 – What was Stephen’s first computer in college?

06:40 – How did we network computers back in the 90’s?

07:45 – How technology has come a long way since the 90’s

09:11 – What gear should I buy for going back to school?

12:07 – Which GPU should I buy for video and photo editing?

13:11 – Should I buy the lowest-spec system/laptop (with the option to upgrade later)?

16:00 – What is a QVL (Qualified Vendor’s List)?

17:41 – What budget should I reserve for the GPU (Graphics Card)?

18:26 – How much RAM (memory) do I need on a system?

18:47 – Why should I buy a laptop for college?

20:55 – What size screen should I get on a laptop?

22:08 – What’s our advice on buying a laptop?

23:30 – How much memory should I get for a laptop?

25:26 – Why should I upgrade my RAM or SSD?

30:02 – How do I protect my laptop when I’m travelling?

31:34 – What are Chromebooks used for?

35:09 – Are Chromebooks good enough for college?

36:59 – Are Tablets good for college?

39:15 – Can I use a physical keyboard on a Tablet?

39:52 – Are most Android Tablets able to upgrade their storage?

42:28 – How good are Tablets for video conferencing?

43:28 – Are Tablets suitable as gaming devices?

45:14 – What else can I use a Tablet for?

48:20 – Is it worth getting a Microsoft Office 365 subscription for school?

49:31 – How good is the Kingston XS2000 external storage?

53:50 – How good is the Kingston XS1000 external storage?

55:00 – What’s our advice for backup and storage?

56:22 – What is a Kingston Workflow Station?

59:04 – Are USB thumb drives still a thing?

01:01:07 – How good are Kingston USB drives?

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