One of the defining differences of a high-end gaming PC is the quality of the cooling system inside. Case fans, CPU coolers, graphics card coolers, liquid cooling, etc. all come together to provide a more efficient and powerful way to keep the heat off your components. be quiet! is one of the top brands in Germany, who is now looking to provide those German quality fans that you need for your PC, to a wider North American market.

The newest fans from be quiet! are the Pure Wing 2, and they look to take the title of best bang-for-your-buck for high quality air pushers. The already well designed, sturdy, and durable Pure Wing fans got an upgrade to 9 fan blades, which increases static pressure and improves airflow. These improvements allow the fans to maintain low noise operation (19.2 dBA max) as well while providing the performance you need.

The other part of the bang-for-your-buck equation is the price. Available now, the Pure Wing 2 at 120 mm is 10.90 euros (~$14.49) and the 140 mm is 11.90 euros (~$15.80). We can also expect to see an 80mm and 92mm version of these fans toward the end of the year.

Source: be quiet!

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