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Who Would Want This Mouse


It’s quite clear that the Orbita Mouse from Cyber E Sport was never really intended for mass market consumption. It’s going to be a device targeting a nice market and, as such, this may not necessarily be the product for you.

Taking a look at the product packaging, Cyber E Sport mentions that this mouse would be great for audio and visual editing, 3D modeling, Google Earth zooming, and other similar applications. I’m not much of a video editor myself, but I can see how being able to scroll in a circular motion would be more intuitive. It’s more like spinning a regular knob or a dial, rather than spinning a scroll wheel.

If you’re into 3D modeling and non-linear video editing, the Orbita Mouse can really change your computing experience.

Who Would NOT Want This Mouse

I do have to reiterate that there is a learning curve involved with the Orbita Mouse. When I first started using it, I would clutch it the same way that I would clutch a regular mouse. As a result, I found myself accidentally squeezing the “right” mouse button any time that I moved it. After a while I realized that it was better to hold the mouse closer to the back rather than right in the middle.

For people who are comfortable with larger mice, like a Logitech MX Revolution, the Orbita Mouse will represent a very different experience. Whereas larger mice are more substantial in your hand, the Orbita Mouse requires you to be quite a bit more delicate.

Because of this somewhat delicate nature, the Orbita Mouse is not well-suited for gamers. When playing PC games, you need to make quick and precise movements, jerking in every which direction. You can’t be going around accidentally hitting the right-mouse button all the time. That would be bad.

Closing Thoughts


You could say that I’m a gadget hunter, so while I don’t think that I will be using the Orbita Mouse as my primary pointing device any time soon, I do appreciate the innovation that it brings to the table. The ability to scroll infinitely like a dial is very nifty and it’s quite unlike anything that I’ve seen before.

When you place the Orbita Mouse on its charging base, it almost looks like a flying saucer. Is it out of this world? No, not exactly, but the overall design is certainly attractive and it’s quite the novel concept. I just wish it didn’t feel so delicate.


  • Very innovative design with infinite spinning/scrolling
  • Charging base doubles as USB receiver
  • Great build quality, overall feel, and Mac-inspired appearance
  • Silky smooth movement
  • Built-in rechargeable battery


  • Only an optical (not laser) mouse
  • Potentially steep learning curve
  • “Squeeze” right-mouse button results in accidental clicks
  • Requires too much of a delicate touch
  • Somewhat expensive at MSRP US$100

Overall Rating: 8.0 / 10.0

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