NZXT has been extremely busy lately. That’s what happens when you build one of the most sought after computer enclosures of 2010. While the Phantom was a true star of the stable, the follow up product, the H2, was met with a bit of controversy. However, the expectations of some reviews weren’t really realistic because the case was clearly aimed at a substantially lower price point. Still, this hasn’t stopped NZXT from forging ahead as they have always done and their new line up of cases and accessories fills in the gaps and make the 2011 more complete. Below is a quick list of what you’ll see in the video above…

NZXT Tempest 410 and 410 Elite – The original NZXT Tempest was known for great air flow. The new NZXT Tempest 410 and 410 Elite makes improvements to the original that bring it up to date with the demands of today’s users. The new case include support for large top mount radiators needed for proper water cooling and borrows the new wireless fan assemblies that were used in the H2. There is also a compartment up top for your stuff and also doubles as cable routing so that your mouse and keyboard cable doesn’t dangle off the front, getting in the way of your optical drive.

The 410 Elite version will come with a side window and USB 3.0 ports at around $89 US while the regular 410 will have a placement for two 120mm fans and USB 2.0 support only at $69 US.

NZXT Source 210 – Available now, the NZXT Source 210 comes in both black and white and is geared towards gamers that are looking for an affordable but tasteful case at around $39.99 US. There is also an Elite version for $49.99 US which upgrades to USB 3.0 and tool-less support. Both cases are built sturdy for its price point allowing it to serve through many system builds.

NZXT Phantom Pink Edition – During an April fools joke this year, NZXT went pink on many of their accessories. Well, they decided that at least ONE product would make it to pink and that would be the Phantom. The new Pink Edition will hopefully hit the shelves before the end of the year or as soon as they get the pink right.

NZXT HALE80 Power Supplies – The original White HALE90 power supplies were such a hit that NZXT sold out almost immediately, even though it wasn’t cheap. NZXT decided to come up with a lower line version that had a color more compatible with more cases at a more affordable price. The new HALE80 is 80PLUS Bronze (vs 80PLUS Gold on the HALE90) and should be available in the Fall and will come in 650, 750 and 850 watt editions.

Two New NZXT Fan Controllers – NZXT unveiled two new fan controllers. The NZXT Mesh is a new five channel controller that matches the look of most high air flow cases on the market. The HAF932 series comes to mind. The Mesh offers 30 watts per channel. The other fan controller is the NZXT Mixx which looks like an audio equalizer and features changeable colors and offers 50 watts per channel.

New NZXT HAVIK 140 CPU Cooler – NZXT finally enters the CPU Cooling market with their new HAVIK CPU Cooler. It features 140mm fans and is fairly quiet at 25 dBa and is rumored to be even cooler than the legendary Noctua NH-D14. It will be joined later in the year by a 120mm version that will be less expensive and won’t have the nickle plating to reduce costs.

Other accessories featured include the recently announced NZXT Avatar S mouse as well as the new FX series fans that come in 120mm and 140mm and are built for high speed rather than quiet. NZXT Phantom fans will also be happy with the release with a new series of 200mm fans called the FS series that come in different colors and are built for silent computing.

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