It’s tough being the new kid on the block. Especially in the hotly contest gaming case market. However, there is nothing new or n00bish about the team running this company known as BitFenix. You could say that it’s “ABit” or this and “ABit” of that along with bits and pieces of people responsible for Cooler Master’s CMStorm brand and some of the KODE5 LAN gaming event experience. And like the “Fenix”, it’s picked up its many pieces and have created a whole new bird out of the remains.

Last year, they dazzled the world with their signature Colossus gaming chassis. Then the Survivor came along and gave gamers a true LAN case that met their needs. Now they’ve got a large number of new products releasing at COMPUTEX 2011 this year. Highlights of the video above include…

USB 3.0 for Every Case – BitFenix showed off some smart little accessories that help the transition to USB 3.0. They include a new 3.5 inch drive bay that provides front panel access to USB 3.0 ports to any legacy case. Also unveiled was an accessory that allowed cases with no unified adapter to provide front USB 3.0 support using it’s internal conventional USB 3.0 connectors.

BitFenix Shinobi Custom Editions – This limited edition case is available through select retailers and provides additional customization support via different colored badges and mesh strips. Windowed and non windowed versions are now also available for $59 and $69 US respectively.

BitFenix Outlaw – The new Outlaw does it different by putting today’s hottest graphics cards at the TOP of the case. Essentially, the case is backwards because the motherboard tray is on the other side of the chassis. It’s going for $49 US which makes it very affordable.

BitFenix Merc Alpha and Beta – The new MERC cases come in two versions and is geared towards office machines or as a nicer looking alternative to cheap cases. They go for around $39 US.

BitFenix Spectre Pro Airflow Fans – BitFenix is also unveiling a new set of fans called the Spectre Pro which is the opposite of their original Spectre series. While the original series is for quiet computing, this new series is built for high air flow and even has reinforcements built in to keep them from deforming when they spin.

BitFenix Recon Fan Controller – Their new Recon product gives a touch based panel to the conventional fan controller. While this isn’t brand new since the NZXT Sentry LXE already does this, their concept allows control via the Internet so you can enable different fan profiles or take full control of your system via a mobile phone.

Prices and availability are noted in the video but tune in to us for any changes down the road. Expect to see more BitFenix reviews from Futurelooks later this year. Find more COMPUTEX 2011 on our YouTube Channel or releasing on Futurelooks as we go through our notes and get the details down.

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