Kingston Technology had an exciting COMPUTEX 2011 with no less than two major products being launched at the show. Futurelooks was on hand to check out the two new products in person and had them demo’d to us so that we could share that experience with you in the video above. The two products being featured are of course the new Kingston Wi-Drive and the new HyperX Series of performance SSDs. Here are some extra details to go along with the great video above…

Kingston’s Wi-Drive – Originally code named the MobiSX at CES 2011, the new name definitely reflects the intent of the new product better. Currently offering support for iDevices such as the iPod touch Gen 3&4 along with the iPhone and iPad, the Wi-Drive keeps money in your pocket instead of Steve’s. The drive connects wirelessly via 802.11g/n and allows up to three people to access all the files on the Wi-Drive. All that you need to do is download the free app from the iTunes store.

The Wi-Drive will launch in two sizes initially: 16GB ($129.99 US) and 32GB ($174.99 US). Both of which are extremely slim at dimensions of 121.5mm x 61.8mm x 9.8mm so it’s not much bigger than an iPod touch or iPhone 3G. Plus, because it’s flash memory inside, it’s far more durable than hard drive based alternatives.

Kingston’s HyperX SSD Series – The highly anticipated HyperX branded SSDs will now be hitting the market. Based on the Sandforce SF-2281 controller, the new HyperX SSDs will all features SATA3 support at up to 6.0Gb/s and is targeted towards enthusiasts and performance focused users. Kingston will ship the drive in an easy upgrade kit bundle that adds value and differentiates the offer from other drives out there. I can tell you right now that the bundle is totally worth it as you get some really great accessories that you’ll find useful both now and in the future.

The drive itself  will come in a 120GB and 240GB capacity and boast performance numbers of 525MB/s read and 480MB/s write. IOPS also scaled to 40,000 read and 60,000 write based on the 240GB model. Even better still is the fact that Kingston decided to go with the latest INTEL 24nm compute NAND (P/E 5K) that will keep both durability and performance high throughout the life of the drive. Pricing is currently on lockdown, but expect them to enter very aggressively with this new product.

For more COMPUTEX 2011 video coverage, stay glued to Futurelooks or our YouTube channel and you’ll see our videos go up as we finish editing them. We’ve got a lot more to share in the next few days.

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