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CES 2009 in Las Vegas provides an excellent venue for the introduction of cutting-edge technology as well as gadgets that simply make the current offerings a little better. We see both of these scenarios in place over at the respective booths of LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics. Let’s see what they have at this year’s show.

LG Prada Bluetooth Wristwatch


Despite popular belief to the contrary, the first full touchscreen mobile phone was not the Apple iPhone. It wasn’t the HTC Touch either. The first full touchscreen cell phone was actually the LG Prada Phone. There were other touchscreen phones at the time (like the Palm Treo line), but they had physical keypads too. The Prada was the first of its kind.

In keeping up with the merging of technology with fashion, we see the introduction of the LG Prada Bluetooth watch. This is meant to be an accompanying accessory for your LG Prada Phone, allowing you to answer calls, check your signal strength, and read text messages without actually pulling the phone out of your pocket.┬áIf you’re going to wear a watch anyway, you may as well make it do more than just tell the time, right?

Going Beyond with LG Touchscreen Watch Phone


Going even further than the LG Prada Bluetooth wristwatch is the LG GD910 3G Watch Phone. An engineering concept was on display at last year’s Consumer Electronics Show and it was hidden away behind a glass display. This year, LG had a working model on the show floor. Check out the video below…

You get “normal” talk and end buttons on the side, but the main menu interface is done through the small touchscreen display. You swipe your way through the various features, almost as if they were on pages or a 3D cube. This is a fully functional 3G phone, including Bluetooth (it ships with a headset), a speakerphone, basic PIM functions, and a music player.

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