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Watch All Our Complete CES 2015 Las Vegas Video Coverage Right Here!


Did you happen to miss all the awesome CES 2015 video coverage we created just for you? Well, don't worry! We've created a CES 2015 playlist so you can sit back, relax, and watch in one sitting, what matters from the big show in Vegas. You'll see be quiet!'s latest low profile coolers, ZOTAC's brand new mini systems, Kingston HyperX …

CES 2015 Coverage – GIGABYTE Shows X99 SOC Champion Motherboard, New BRIX S, and the Aorus X5 Gaming Notebook (Video)


GIGABYTE continues to soldier on as the number one motherboard maker on occasion, with stiff competition from ASUS. And like ASUS, GIGABYTE has continued to branch out into different product categories. At CES 2015, we see their continued commitment to the PC enthusiasts and overclockers, but we also see great headway into product categories such at their BRIX mini PC …

CES 2015: Expand Your Macbook Storage Capabilities with HyperDrive

HYPER - HyperDrive Storage for Macbooks

If you're looking to expand the storage capabilities of your Apple Macbook (Air or Pro) without some bulky external device, then the new offering from HYPER might be right for you: HyperDrive. No, this won't let you obtain lightspeed capabilities and escape the clutches of the Empire.

Announced during CES 2015, HyperDrive is a plug-and-play microSD card adapter that you …