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Super Thin OLED Technology


Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology comes with a lot of advantages over conventional LCD technology. The substrate and overall construction is a lot thinner. The “screen” is actually flexible, opening up the opportunity for curved displays and ones that can wrap around your wrist. The colors are also supposed to be more vibrant and natural-looking.

LG was showing off some of their latest OLED technology at CES, further emphasizing just how thin and amazing this technology can be. Commercial applications are still very limited at this point and we haven’t seen any OLED displays that are HDTV-sized just yet, but we’re getting there.

Wireless HDTV and More


Just like the 3G Watch Phone mentioned earlier, Wireless HDTV technology isn’t exactly new either. It was already on display at last year’s Consumer Electronics Show, but the technology has been further refined and improved with the newest generation of transmitting boxes from LG.

In a nutshell, you can mount the compatible HDTV anywhere in the room and then place the set top box in a cabinet next to your couch. All of your home theatre equipment, like your Xbox 360 and Blu-ray player, can then connect to this box. The box, in turn, transmits uncompressed 1080p HD content to the TV itself. This makes your home theatre experience a lot more seamless and convenient. Here’s a video that runs through all that LG had to offer in HDTV…

As you can see, LG has been quite busy with HDTV and other new home theatre products at CES 2009.

LG Keeps Eye on the Environment

In trying to keep up with all of this great technology, it’s easy to forget about the impact that we have on Mother Nature. Gadget geeks can go green too by trying to lower their power consumption and minimize their waste.


LG Electronics is also dedicated to the environment, so the company has several initiatives in place that help to minimize their impact on the environment. They have LED-backlit displays, for example, where the individual LEDs completely shut off when not in use. LG has also worked hard to reduce packaging. For example, instead of providing both a USB cable and an AC wall charger for mobile phones, they provide a single cable and a small adapter.

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