We are less than two weeks away from getting our digital fingers (our digital digits?) on the brand spanking new operating system from Microsoft (or at least some of us are). The free upgrade will be pushed through to anyone with Windows 7 or Windows 8 through the reservation system, but that’s not the only download that will happen automatically on your computer. Moving forward, all Windows 10 updates will be automatic and mandatory.

Under normal circumstances, you have always had the option of disabling the software updates on your Windows machine. If you don’t want them, you don’t have to have them. That’s changing with the Windows 10 updates. As soon as Microsoft is ready to patch up that OS of yours, it’ll get downloaded via the P2P network to your computer and the update will install itself, all without your case-by-case knowledge and consent.

The EULA for Windows 10 Home states:

Updates. The software periodically checks for system and app updates, and downloads and installs them for you. You may obtain updates only from Microsoft or authorized sources, and Microsoft may need to update your system to provide you with those updates. By accepting this agreement, you agree to receive these types of automatic updates without any additional notice.

Yes, those automatic Windows 10 updates include the apps too. In some regards, this is a good thing. This will mean that everyone running the platform will also have the same Windows 10 updates. In other ways, it feels like we’re giving up something here in order to get the Start Menu and Solitaire back.

Source: ArsTechnica

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