Futurelooks is a website that is dedicated to the PC enthusiast community, particularly when it comes to PC DIY. That’s why when people ask us about how to build the best custom PC, our recommendation is usually to do it yourself. There’s a lot to be learned and there is a genuine satisfaction that accompanies building your own custom rig. But what if you have neither the time nor the expertise to do it? What if you want a new computer and the standard SKUs of big box stores aren’t cutting it for you?

The people over at Lifehacker recently turned to their readers to see who really are the best custom PC builders in the country (the “country” being the United States) at the moment and the results are in. While the posted list is said to be in “no particular order,” it is with a little point of pride that the first two companies come from our neck of the woods in the Pacific Northwest: Puget Systems and Falcon Northwest.

Puget Systems is applauded for its attention to “high-quality fans and soundproofing to keep noise down” in the custom PC systems they provide, while Falcon Northwest prides itself on its “custom machined cases as opposed to off-the-shelf components you could use on your own.” Rounding out Lifehacker’s list of the top five best custom PC builders are Digital Storm, Origin PC and, quite surprisingly, eCollegePC.

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