Over the last while, ANTEC has tried many things. They had the Skeleton then the LanBoy Air. but what never changed was their bread and butter P18x series. But why mess with perfection you ask? Especially since these two riskier directions didn’t do as well as their original blockbuster case? It’s only a risk if you don’t do it right and it looks like the new P280 series is done right.

Antec’s man responsible for the development of this case and the original P180 series, Mr. Han Liu, personally takes us through this brand new update to their performance line of computers chassis. In his signature style, he gives us the run down of every important piece of the puzzle to bring the P180 series up to date in the P280 series, which will be the first in the new line of “Performance Two” series of case.

You can see that it does look great and if they tweak it a bit more before launch, we may have one of the best cases at an affordable price, all over again.

On the power supply side, our friend Christoph Katzer from ANTEC takes us through the updates to the PSU line up at COMPUTEX 2011. While there aren’t any NEW products, he does point us through the refreshes of signature product lines such as the High Current Pro, High Current Gamer and Earth Watts series PSUs.

If you’re dying for more COMPUTEX 2011 coverage, check out our Video Page too as we’ll be releasing our videos ahead of the posts.

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