ASUS, maker of a large variety of consumer computer products, has announced their recent WiFi offering. The Lyra Trio is a mesh WiFi kit that can cover up to 5,400 square feet! WiFi being such a standard technology found in homes today, people have been finding that their WiFi signals can be flaky or the coverage not as good as in some parts of their home or small business.

With a mesh WiFi kit, one can easily provide great WiFi coverage to any part of their home or small office, even across multiple floors.

The Lyra Trio is the latest mesh WiFi kit offered by ASUS. We have previously looked at their Lyra product which was a AC2200 Tri-Band solution, but the ASUS Lyra Trio is a AC1750 dual-band solution. It’s got a different, yet unique look that reminds us of a clothes iron, but a bit more modern. In fact, the design looks nicer than their previous larger “white hockey pucks.”

The ASUS Lyra Trio with AC1750 WiFi technology can offer up to 1300Mbps over the 5GHz band in conjunction with its 3×3 MIMO antenna configuration. The antenna placement also allows better connectivity horizontally, so signal quality between units that span across floors is improved. The ASUS Lyra Trio expands your WiFi signal reach while seamlessly allowing your devices to only ever think they are connected to a single access point.

The engine behind the ASUS Lyra units can calculate the best path for your network traffic to take for highest possible performance; you and your device will not even notice it is switching between the Lyra Trio units as you move around the environment.

Like other WiFi mesh kits, there is a wireless signal between each of the units so that they can communicate with one another. If your environment allows for it, the Lyra Trio can be all plugged into Ethernet ports around the building to communicate, which would improve your WiFi experience by being smoother and faster than if they were standalone units talking with each other over their wireless signal.

As with other ASUS WiFi products, such as the previous Lyra WiFi mesh kit, your devices are protected by the ASUS’ AiProtection. AiProtection (Classic for Lyra Trio) offers protection in the way of the standard firewall with an intrusion prevention system (IPS) that performs in-depth scans of inbound and outbound network traffic. Coupled with Trend Micro’s data center, AiProtection updates itself whenever there is a new security patch available.

AiProtection also makes use of Trend Micro’s data center to identify and block malicious sites that can infect your computer, tablet, smartphone and more. The next step is if the AiProtection does detect and issue on your network from an already infected device, it will prevent any personal data from being compromised by blocking that device’s connection to the malicious site. This all for the cost of $0 for you. It is a free lifetime subscription! You can check out more about AiProtection on the ASUS website.

The ASUS Lyra Trio is available for pre-order over at Amazon with an MRSP of $299.99 USD for the three-pack with an expected shipping date of early May 2018. You can check out ASUS’ Lyra Trio page for more information.

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