COUGAR has been working hard to make a name for itself in the industry from day one. Never being one to shy away from their design, bright orange brand color, or no compromise values has shown us a lot of great products. The award-winning 700M was a great success and is now being followed up by the 600M for those who use a claw style mouse grip.

The COUGAR 600M is no one trick pony as those with a palm or hybrid grip will find it very comfortable as well. Everyone will enjoy the LED backlight (with 16.8 million colors), 32-bit ARM processor, on-board 512 KB memory (to store up to 3 gaming profiles), and ADNS-9800 Senor. The 8 programmable buttons include a 45-degree sniper button to give FPS an input that has no risk of causing mouse movement for higher precision. It is also fully functional with COUGAR UIX and FUSION.

The COUGAR 600M is a premium gaming mouse with everything you will need for comfort, especially those who use the claw grip. It will be available in black and Cougar orange in the last quarter of 2014. You can find more details below.

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COUGAR Launches 600M Gaming Mouse

October 16th 2014 – COUGAR. COUGAR announces today the release of the new 600M gaming mouse. The 600M is COUGAR’s second gaming mouse after the acclaimed award-winning 700M. This mouse has been specially designed to suit gamers with a claw grip, but palm and fingertip grip users will find it very comfortable too.

The COUGAR 600M has been designed with the clear objective of offering gamers a mouse that can both provide state-of-the-art technology, all the features necessary to enhance the gaming experience and an aesthetically pleasing design. Its premium components (OMRON switches, ADNS-9800 Sensor, premium quality soft touch surface) guarantee a flawless performance during gameplay, and its 32-bit ARM processor and 512KB on-board storage provide virtually instantaneous responses and the possibility, without depending on any computer or external device, of keeping up to 3 full configuration profiles stored on board. Aesthetically, this mouse is very stylish and has a unique feature in that the left mouse button is a floating key with a big LED backlight that can display up to 16.8 million colors.

The 600M is also packed with a broad range of features, with 8 fully configurable buttons including a 45º sniper button designed to be pressed without affecting the mouse’s movements. If the high-precision wheel’s up and down motion are included, and taking into account that the mouse can store up to three full profiles on its internal memory, this means the 600M can store up to 30 different functions, with 27 or 22 of them being comfortably accessible from the mouse itself by using the mode cycle button (to change to the next mode) or the instant mode switch (to change temporarily another mode while the key is being pressed) respectively. These features, among many others, make it the 600M one of the best gaming devices currently available on the market.

Another key point is the 600M’s compatibility with the COUGAR UIX™ System and COUGAR FUSION™, which allows for easy configuration of all the device’s functions, mode synchronization, macro sharing and many other functions that provide the user with extra synergies if this device is used with other COUGAR FUSION™ devices such as the 700M Keyboard. The COUGAR 600M will be available in Late 2014.

More details at the COUGAR Website: products/mice/cougar_600m.html


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