Mechanical hard drives will never die, it would seem. Every time solid state drives makes a move forward in capacity, pushing mechanical out of the market, they push back. The tried and true Western Digital Black lineup has been out breed and butter for some time, but it may need to make room for the new larger capacity WD Purple drives.

Designed for surveillance systems, the WD Purple drive lineup comes with some unique features you don’t see in your average drive. The AllFrame technology is destined to work side by side with the ATA streaming to reduce frame loss during recording to enhance playback, minimize interruptions, and increase drive support. These drives are designed to work with systems of up to 6 drives (36 TB) and up to 32 cameras, meeting all industry standards for surveillance class equipment.

You and I are not the target market for these drives that will be available from 1 TB to 6 TB very soon, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take advantage of them. The 6TB WD Purple drives are $329.99 ($0.05 per GB) and could be the perfect drive for those who record their gameplay sessions. Or if you just need more room for your “movie collection.” You can find them for sale here. More information below.

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WD Purple Now Shipping in 6 TB Capacities

October 27th, 2014 – WD, a Western Digital company and storage industry leader, today announced the expansion of its award-winning WD Purple line of 3.5-inch hard drives for video surveillance applications, with the release of the 6 TB capacity. Video surveillance is a highly data-rich application within the “Internet of Things (IoT)” ecosystem. WD Purple hard drives excel in new and existing home and small business security system environments with up to eight hard drives and up to 32 high-definition (HD) video cameras. Available today, WD Purple hard drives are being offered in capacities from 1 TB up to 6 TB.

“Video surveillance has long been a pioneering Internet-of-Things application. Driven by machine-to-machine interaction between high-resolution, high-bit-rate video cameras and high-capacity surveillance video recorders, IoT applications bring access and big data analytics to improve user’s security,” said Matt Rutledge, senior vice president and general manager of WD’s Storage Technology group. “WD Purple 6 TB drives enable innovation in this fast growing market.”


WD Purple hard drives are equipped with exclusive WD technologies, including:

  • AllFrame – In conjunction with ATA streaming, AllFrame reduces video frame loss, improves playback and increases the number of drive bays supported. WD Purple includes exclusive firmware enhancements that enable improved playback and minimize interruptions within a surveillance system.
  • IntelliSeek Technology – With low power consumption playing a crucial role in high-temperature always-on surveillance environments, IntelliSeek technology calculates the optimum seek speeds for the system workload, enabling lower power consumption and reducing noise and vibration.

Engineered for Compatibility

Built for seamless integration into new or existing video surveillance systems, WD Purple hard drives are designed and tested to surveillance-class standards and are compatible with industry-leading chassis and chip-sets. First introduced in February 2014 with the launch of WD Purple, WD worked closely with surveillance partners to develop a proprietary benchmark to define and demonstrate performance in surveillance systems. Tests of WD Purple hard drives indicate superior performance to competitive surveillance-class brands of storage, especially as cameras, channel count and workloads increase. A special Compatibility Selector is available to assist customers with surveillance drive selection at: http://www.wd.com/en/products/products.aspx?id=1210.

Price and Availability

Shipping now through select distributors and resellers, WD Purple surveillance-class hard drives are now available from 1 TB to 6 TB capacities and covered by a three-year limited warranty. MSRP for the 3.5-inch 6 TB drive, model #: (WD60PURX) is $329.99.


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