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First on the list of interesting features is the ASUS Cool Mempipe attachment. This right-angled chunk of copper is supposed to provide extra cooling for the DDR2 memory sitting in the primary channel. It may look like something targeted only at memory without heat spreaders, but the Mempipe is said to work perfectly with most heat spreaders. The whole apparatus attaches to the existing chipset block, and Asus notes it can reduce the temperature of the RAM by up to 10°C.

Now the ASUS Cool Mempipe does require airflow in the case to be effective. For those that use water cooling this may present a problem, as many water cooling setups don’t require a front to back flow of air to function. With that in mind, Asus included a small fan that can be attached to heatsink on the Mempipe. This will ensure that your memory stays cool in all conditions.

For the included Wi-Fi AP and network connection, Asus went a different route than the standard hard antenna. Rather than just have a black antenna sticking out from the back on the case, Asus included an external wired antenna that can be placed pretty well anywhere. Since the Wi-Fi can act as both AP and client, this should help with both finding the best signal coverage in client mode, and providing the best signal coverage when using it as an AP.

When it comes to installation Asus has included a couple accessories that should be standard issue with most motherboards. The first is the Q-Connector. These three connection blocks are meant to make installation of your front panel connectors much easier. First you plug in the connections to the requisite Q-Connector block, then you plug the block into the motherboard. This makes if far less of a struggle to connect individually wired USB ports, not to mention the annoying front panel LED and switch connections.

The other installation accessory that I rather liked was a new take on the old rear panel for all the motherboard bound ports. Rather than the simple stamped and folded aluminum, Asus went with stamped aluminum backed with a foam shield. Those that are familiar with problems related to the former bracket will be able to immediately see the benefit here, as it makes the board much easier to install without getting any of the ports caught on the tabs for the panel.

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