Sure, it might be thin and light and beautiful, but if there’s one thing that really puts the 12-inch MacBook at a severe disadvantage is that its incredible lack of ports. There’s only one on there and it’s not compatible with just about anything, though that is quickly changing with all the new announcements coming out of CES this week.

Even so, if you find the lack of ports on the MacBook disturbing, there are solutions to be had the newly upgraded Satechi USB-C dock could be the solution you are looking for. They’ve matched the style and color of the dock to the MacBook perfectly, looking as if it were made by Apple itself. The previous version gave you a series of regular USB ports for all the regular peripherals that everyone has, as well as a couple of memory card slots for SD and microSD cards.

The problem with the original Satechi dock was that it occupied that one and only USB-C port on your MacBook, meaning that you had no means of keeping your laptop charged while using it. That was dumb. This new model is smart, because it has a USB-C pass-through.


You do have to sacrifice one of the regular USB-A ports to get it, but I think it’s more than worth it. You still get two high speed USB ports, you still get the two memory card slots, and now you get a USB-C port too. You could use that with any number of the new USB-C accessories that are surely coming down the pipeline or you can use that port to charge your MacBook too. Smart.

Available in your choice of gold, silver or space gray, the Type-C Pass Through USB Hub with USB-C Charging Port (such a catchy product name, wouldn’t you say?) by Satechi is available now for a penny shy of $40.

Source: Gizmodo

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