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First Impressions


Removing the case from the packaging revealed a very attractive, sleek black (or piano black as advertised) and simple looking case. One can definitely tell that it is a descendent of the Sonata II. The double-hinged front door opens up to 225° to reveal the 3 – 5.25” drive bays, power and reset buttons. The door also contains a lock to keep out unwanted guests from getting into your computer.


Just below that are the high definition / AC’97 audio connections, 2 USB ports, an eSATA port, and 2 blue LEDS that makeup the power and HDD activity indicators. It appears that the eSATA port has replaced the firewire port. A logical move from ANTEC as more eSATA drives hit the market.


Just below the connectors are air intake ports that allow cool air to be drawn into the case. As with the Sonata II, there is a removable and washable dust filter to keep the inside of your case and components free of dust.


Moving to the side of the case, we find a similar, if not the same, latching and locking mechanism for the side panel, making this system well suited to public areas where tampering with the system is not an option.


One minor little quibble I had dealt with the rubber sticky feet that were cheaply stuck onto the bottom. As I slid the case around the feet kept popping off. And if you’re like me, I’m always sliding and re-positioning my case on my desk or floor. Feet that are better secured to the case would do the trick. A simple screw mechanism and washer would have taken care of this.

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