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Vizo Ninja HS Notebook Cooler Review

I think it’s fair to say that I’ve had my fair share of experience with Vizo’s family of Ninja notebook PC cooling stands. It seems that Vizo is absolutely bent on creating the absolute best notebook cooler on the market, taking in the feedback with each successive generation and implementing the changes into new models to make for a better and better cooler. Yes, the Vizo Ninja line of notebook cooling stands take on a lot of similar characteristics — small powered fans, aluminum construction, matte black paint job, etc. — but they’re ever so slightly different from one another.

As you recall, I’ve toyed with the Vizo Ninja II and the smaller Vizo Mini Ninja, but the company’s latest creation could be the most versatile and best notebook cooling stand to date. Allow me to introduce you to the hot new Vizo Ninja HS.

Features at a Glance

Taking a look at the official list of features, it’s clear that while Vizo is working hard on improving its family of notebook coolers, they have yet to hire a proper copywriter. Some of the text is either unclear or just awkwardly worded, so while the Vizo Ninja HS may be a great product, the “Chingrish” may be a turn-off for some potential buyers.

In any case, the feature list reads as follows:

  • The world’s 1st and patented design
  • Adjustable positions for fans
  • Dual 35.0mm (2000 rpm) fans can be move up and down, left and right
  • Patented easy-slide system and unique tool free design provide stability and simple adjustability
  • For different hot zone of 12″ – 17″ widescreen notebook PC
  • Precise & personalized positioning
  • Kills the unit’s temperature in a flash
  • Powered by USB, no adapter required under low power consumption
  • Built-in 3 USB 2.0 ports for easy expansion
  • Max air flow: 13.72 CFM
  • Rated current: 0.24A x 2
  • Dimensions: 350 x 291 x 62mm
  • Weight: 880 grams

Based on what I remember, these fans are roughly the same size as the previous two Vizo notebook coolers that I have reviewed. In this way, I fully expect the cooling to be quite similar. The key difference is that a greater area on the underside of the laptop is “exposed” to the air, so the cooling could be marginally better because there is less aluminum blocking bottom-mounted vents and so on. You’ve got to love the line about killing the unit’s temperature though, eh?

What’s in the Box?

Vizo Ninja HS Notebook Cooler Review

There are no surprises here. Vizo has decided to package the Ninja HS exactly the same way that it has packaged previous Ninja notebook coolers. You get a semi-glossy outer sleeve (this one has a bit more color to it than previous ones) and a simple white box is found inside this sleeve. Within the box, you’ll find the contents carefully protected with packaging material.

Vizo Ninja HS Notebook Cooler Review

The Vizo HS notebook cooler comes disassembled as three primary components. There is the center portion containing the dual 35.0mm fans and then there are the two stands. Aside from those three parts, you’ll find a mini-USB cable, four screws, and the instruction guide. There’s a reason why the Vizo HS does not come pre-assembled. That’s because it’s fully adjustable and you’ll want to personalize its exact configuration to suit your needs.

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