Our continuing coverage of CES 2010 rolls on as we see two more companies at the show. Both putting out some pretty innovative product that should please gamers and HTPC-aholics alike…

Tritton Technologies

Sometimes called the connoisseur of audio, Tritton continues to produce some excellent headsets and video gear that are designed to improve your game. If you can’t hear the opponent, you can’t win, right?

After browsing the booth, repeatedly, we learned that they’ve been working on some innovations that make all their head sets compatible across the product line. This is all thanks to the  convenient break-away cable design that we covered in our review of their AX 180 Universal Gaming Headset. Here’s a video from our Tritton Tour Guide that takes us through the breakaway design as well as their comments on some new Wireless Headset technology:

Expect their very popular AX 180 head set to arrive in some new colors very soon as Tritton was busy polling visitors about which colors should reign supreme. We also liked the fact that the new wireless system would potentially integrate with any of Tritton’s headsets equipped with the breakaway cable.

CETON Corporation

Sports fans and movie buffs, get your browsers ready. Working with several cable providers, Kirkland, Washington’s own CETON Corp is on the cusp of launching the first HDTV capable Tuner Card that can simultaneously access and record up to 4 HD channels at once. There are more talks to include many of your favorite online movie outlets like Netflix to get optimal use from their unnamed “Quad Tuner Card”. This effectively gives you the best of both worlds: Internet and TV Service.

We get taken through this unique product’s features in the video interview below:

Steve Ballmer’s CES Keynote address debuted the nameless Quad Tuner card. The card was so off the hook that it may have been responsible for that power outage that delayed the keynote by 30 minutes (we kid). If you’d like to win one wicked Quad Tuner Card, head over to CETON’s site and suggest a name. You can bet this is going to be a hot item for 2010.

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