It’s hard not to make new friends when you’re at one of the biggest computer shows in the world. We make friends with companies that we may never see products from here, but we always keep in contact with them in hopes that their good stuff comes this way. At the show this year, we met one company that’s really been doing well outside of North America and they call themselves BeQuiet!. They are seriously thinking of coming to North America and they’ve asked us to tell their story in the video above.

Aron Licht, one of BeQuiet!’s main PR guys helped school us on what the company is all about. They make power supplies, fans, and have just recently entered the cooler market with some very attractive units. We had a hard time holding back the drool as we sat down and checked out the smorgasboard of goodies, but we selected the latest and greatest for your perusal which include their newly updated line of PSUs, their new fan, and a couple of new CPU coolers that look really hot!

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