It’s true. Last week it looked like we were slacking off. However, behind the scenes, there was much going on! Here’s a recap of this past week’s news from the world of Futurelooks!

New YouTube Videos!

This past week we uploaded two more unboxing videos for your viewing pleasure…

Look for the review of the ECS Mini-ITX Sandy Bridge board coming up in the next while. Unfortunately, the GETAC notebook didn’t pass our water test. It was actually quite weird because during our COMPUTEX Trip, we were quite evil to many of their products. However, when we received the box that held the GETAC, it seemed as if someone had already tampered with the notebook. We think that that due to the “military” look of the notebook, someone wanted to sneak around inside to make sure secrets weren’t leaking, and probably left a seal out. We’ll hopefully have a video of some of our real world testing as well as the final written review coming up shortly.

New Reviews

Well, we’ve got ONE review that sneaked in at the VERY last minute for this week’s recap…

Iogear GUWAVKIT Wireless Audio Video Kit Review

This wireless kit allows you to use the power of wireless to stream the signal from your PC to your HDTV. It will send signal up to 720p to your TV from up to 30 feet, but of course, your mileage may vary. Check out what we thought of this setup in our full review.

Our course, more to come this week as we start kicking things into gear again.

We’re Going To Be on NCIX Tech Tips!

One of our favourite places to shop is NCIX. This Canadian pioneer of computer and techie goodness at affordable prices has a very successful YouTube channel and yours truly will be making a cameo appearance along with Kingston Technology. We’ll be talking about memory and I’ll be showing you how to make overclocking your memory modules look easy on a new Sandy Bridge platform. And like a good Canadian, I will be apologizing for my first place finish at this year’s CA Build Your Own PC for Charity Race. We’ll let you know as soon as that video goes up or just keep an eye on NCIX Tech Tip’s YouTube Channel.

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