CONTEST CLOSED – Thanks for all the entries. This one’s done, but another contest is raging right now for Deux Ex: Human Revolution for the PC! Check it out now!

Last weekend, the Futurelooks Team was down at PAX Prime 2011 in Seattle. We got a chance to see some really great games from PC to console to mobile. While we were enjoying the latest games, and bringing you exclusive coverage of the event, it just didnt’ seem right that you had to stay at home while we picked up all the free stuff. So before we left the show, we hit some of our friends on the show floor including NZXT. We went through our T-Shirt and goodie collections and have decided to start giving away all the good stuff starting today!

What Cool Stuff Can I Win?

Today’s prize bundle, courtesy of NZXT, consists of:

  • NZXT Bunker USB Locking Device Bay (See Our Video Review!)
  • NZXT Sentry Mesh Fan Controller
  • NZXT Phantom T-Shirt (XL)
  • iBuyPower T-Shirt (L)
Not bad for free stuff right? The best part is that you don’t have to go anywhere to win it!

Cool! How Do I Enter?

Because we want everyone to know that we’ve got free stuff to giveaway over the next few days, we’re invoking the power of Facebook to do it so we can reach as many people as quickly as possible. All you have to do is…

1. Give our Facebook Page a like if you haven’t already done so

2. Post the following to your Facebook Wall…

OMG! Futurelooks FTW! They’re giving away all their free stuff from PAX Prime 2011! Check out this link for details! –

3. Post the link to your status update to the comments below so that we know you’re in and want to win. For those of you that don’t know how to find that link, it’s the time stamp that sits beside the “Share” link on the wall post. It’ll say something like “X hours/mins ago”. That’s the link we want to see. Please note that we are moderating the comments so if you don’t see your entry show up, just give us a chance to approve it.

BONUS ENTRY: We will award one additional ballot to anyone that can directly influence someone else on Facebook to enter. All they have to do for you is say “So and So” told me about the contest and submit their own entry based on the steps above.

So all in all, three very simple steps to get you entered into our first giveaway in a series that will end when we run out of free stuff.

Who Can Enter?

We’re opening up this contest to anyone in North America. That means US or Canada. Yes, we’ll break the rules and even allow Quebecers to enter. We’ll waive the skill testing question requirement for Canadians if you can get all the steps to right. Yes, you may have your prize shipped to any US or Canadian address if you currently reside outside of North America. There are no minimum number of entries, but the “sweetness” of the remaining prizes depends on how big a deal you can make out of this.

Got Questions?

If you have questions, please post them on the Facebook Update on our page. This keeps all the entries clean below and keeps us in compliance with that weird Terms of Service condition on Facebook that keeps us from using them to collect entries. We can’t have Zuckerberg shutting down the party now can we? All prize winners from each day will be announced together after the conclusion of the final day of drawing.

Good Luck Everyone!

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