Rosewill is one of those companies that has needed time to get to know their local market. They offer just about every device for maximum connectivity to your computer including computer cases, power supplies and keyboards. They even do webcams too. It appears that they are starting to blossom as the products they showed off at PAX Prime 2011 really show some thought as there’s two things gamers require: good cooling and clean power. We corner them on camera for a look at a few of their new products so check out the video above (or directly on YouTube).

Thor V2 Case

Thor V2 that features a lot of what end users want in a computer case, all decked out in black with massive cooling potential those hot, high end video cards need. You’ll find tooless bays, spacious chassis, easily removable 5.25 bay covers, fan filters, massive cooling fans, support for water cooling and adjustable top vents. We even found the side panel’s rubber venting interesting as users could potentially attach dual 120mm radiators or even more fans.

The case design is sound, but is far from unique as Aerocool also offers a similar case called the X-Predator. But with NewEgg stocking the Rosewill Thor V2 at$129 US, it`s really hard not to look at it for that price.

Lightning 1300 Watt 80Plus Gold Power Supply

High end gaming and overclocked systems alike perform their best when using a very good power supply. Rosewill demoed the 1300 Watt Lightning Series PSU at PAX Prime 2011 inside the aforementioned Thor V2. It`s 80PLUS Gold certified with impressive looking modular cables similar to the ones the military use. As far we know, this is currently one of a kind in North America and definitely jazzes up the computer case.

Each cable port has LED activity that comes to life as you use connect the cables to components. The LEDs won’t blind you either. This modular ATX12V v2.3/EPS12V v2.92 power supply can be found for an impressively low $249 US, exclusively from NewEgg as they are an in-house brand.

RK-9000 Series Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards mean accuracy and simplicity when it comes to any level of gaming. We`ve already looked at Cooler Master`s Quick Fire Rapid, but now Rosewill’s new RK-9000 Mechanical Keyboard wants into the fight too. It offers options for different weight switches to suit your gaming needs. The cabling is braided and removable for those who are on the go for frequent LAN parties.

This durable mechanical keyboard can be found for $99 US, putting it just slightly above the CM Storm Quick Fire Rapid. However, the Rosewill does have infinitely more switch options as the Quick Fire Rapid only has brown switches at launch.

Clearly, Rosewill is starting to get serious and we hope to have some of these products on our test bench soon. Make sure you keep an eye on the front page or on our YouTube Channel for more videos and overage from PAX Prime 2011 Seattle!

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