GELID Solutions doesn’t release a lot of products, nor do they release them very often. But what they do make, they keep refining. From their fans to their CPU and GPU coolers, even their heatsink paste, everything is done in little changes. That’s why this year is particularly interesting because the company is finally looking at entering the case market and we’ve got it all on video.

In our video coverage, GELID Solutions shows off their new GX-7 CPU Cooler which is a seven heatpipe design that looks fairly attractive and simple. Their pricing has always been reasonable so we expect that the $65 US MSRP should either hold true or drop at the time of launch. We expect to get our hands on one later on for a bit of testing to see just how good it really is.

Also significant is their foray into the hotly contested case market. Their prototype shows some imagination with the cracked porcelain paint scheme, but we think that the design is just a little bit too out there for a production case. Black and silver with their signature blue and black fans might be the ticket for something that could be all their own. The company is taking feedback and they are really interesting in what Futurelooks’ Readers think so either leave a comment on the video, or below in the comment area.

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