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It can be pretty frustrating having to carry around a number of different memory cards just because each of your portable devices takes on a different format. Perhaps you have a portable media player with a microSD expansion slot, a PDA phone with a miniSD slot, and a digital camera with a standard SD slot. Why buy separate memory cards when you can get the best of all three worlds with the ATP SD Trio memory card collection?

It starts with a single microSD card, but it comes with adapters to transform the same chunk of flash memory into a miniSD or standard SD card. It even has an adapter that effectively makes the microSD card into a USB Flash drive. Sort of.

Three Cards in One

That’s the fundamental advantage to the ATP SD Trio over its competitors: it really is three cards in one. Typically, when you purchase a microSD card from a major manufacturer, it will come with an adapter that brings it up to the standard SD card size. The same can be said about most miniSD cards, but no other manufacturer — to my knowledge — has decided to toss all three sizes in one package.


In a nutshell, the microSD card fits into the miniSD-sized adapter, which in turn can be fitted into the full size SD adapter. Three memory card sizes, one actual memory card. By forcing you to place the microSD card inside the miniSD adapter before plunking it into the standard SD adapter, ATP saves itself the cost of one extra adapter: the microSD-to-SD.


I found this configuration to be very convenient to use. The build quality on the three primary components is quite good, but you have to be careful with the microSD card, because it is obviously quite delicate. And as if the miniSD and standard SD adapters weren’t enough, ATP has also included a USB microSD card reader as well. In this way, the trio is really a quartet: microSD, miniSD, SD, and USB flash drive.

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