In the office, I have two 24 inch DELLs attached to my video editing rig. But I would give anything to have one single display without that awful bezel in the middle. Well, it looks like AOC has just released a “relatively” affordable solution for this sort of dilemma. The new AOC 34 inch UltraWideQuad HD (U3477PQU) monitor hits the shelves this December 8th, 2015.

Sporting a resolution of 3440 x 1440 in a 21:9 aspect ratio, this monitor provides just a few more pixels vertically than my two 1920 x 1200 Dells, and just a few less pixels on the horizontal, which isn’t such a big deal since I find the up and down scanning of Adobe Premiere Pro timelines much more comfortable than straining side to side. Other value added features include built in 7 watt speakers, and a total display output of 1.07 billion colors (and . Software inside the box, also allows you to slice up the screen, giving you multiple panes, useful for surveillance, or highly specialized multi-tasking applications.

The monitor sits on one single stand, making it far easier to position than two monitors, and provides 4 way adjust-ability, allowing for maximum ergonomic efficiency. Did I mention that it’s also IPS and comes with Displayport 1.2, HDMI, and even MHL support if you, for some reason, need to hook your phone up to it.

While I am optimistic about it being a great content creation display, there is no mention of color accuracy in this release. However, at an MSRP of $899.99 USD, I might have to go have a look at the AOC 34 Inch UltraWideQuad in person. The full press release is below.


Expand Your View with the New AOC 34” UltraWideQuad HD Monitor

Fremont, California – November 19, 2014 AOC, a worldwide leader in monitor display technology, today announces their new 34” Ultra-Wide Quad HD monitor (U3477PQU). This 21:9 display offers uwQHD 3440 x 1440 resolution for gorgeous detail and more room to get work done with a pixel area that is 2.4 times larger than a Full HD monitor and equivalent to two 20” displays side by side. Built-in 7-watt speakers and 1.07 billion colors complete the cinematic experience, while the extra space lets you split your screen into multiple panes for increased efficiency. The massive display comes complete with a 4-way adjustable stand to make it easy to maneuver for maximum working comfort. The AOC 34” uwQHD monitor (U3477PQU) will be available December 8th at BestBuy.com and Amazon.com for $899.

IPS technology offers extended range for brilliant and consistent color, and wide viewing angles for natural transitions between hues delivering exceptional realism. The display also includes picture-by-picture mode, which is ideal for displaying two sources of content on the same screen, while picture-in-picture is optimized for video chat. The display comes equipped with a wide range of connectivity options, including DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI and MHL to easily connect to devices, peripherals, smartphones and even a second computer. The uwQHD monitor also comes with AOC’s Flicker-Free technology to reduce eyestrain commonly caused by pulsed backlight control. Surveillance and monitoring centers will appreciate the inclusion of RS-232 for remote control, which displays up to 16 video streams simultaneously at high quality with compatible systems.

About AOC

AOC is the world’s largest manufacturer of LCD/LED monitors and HDTVs. With more than 60 years of design and manufacturing experience, AOC has earned a reputation for selling user-friendly, technologically advanced monitors, TVs and multi-functional displays. Every aspect of AOC’s global business focuses on the development of products that fit seamlessly into consumers’ digital lifestyle. For more information, please visit us.aoc.com. Connect with AOC on Facebook at Facebook.com/AOCAmericas and on Twitter at Twitter.com/aocusa.  


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