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The Suunto Core Green Light Under Pressure

I would use the Barometer in the evenings before I went to bed to measure the expected weather for the next day. The week that we were riding was perfect weather as a high pressure system provided sunny and hot weather the entire week so the barometer wasn’t doing anything too exciting.

Suunto Core Watch Review

The weather the past few days though has been quite variable and the barometer on the watch has reflected this information. As above, the barometric pressure was holding steady over a long period of time and for a short time period the barometric pressure went up and then rapidly dropped. When the barometer measures a pressure drop of 4hPa/.12 inHg or more during a 3 hour period, the Core will activate a “Storm Alarm” to notify you of a possible weather system coming your way. This is good information to have as if you are outdoors you can make a decision to find some shelter or make camp before the storm or heavy rains come.

The trend data on the barometer can be used to get an idea of the weather. Air pressure that is constantly rising over a duration of time, gives a higher probability of better weather ahead, and air pressure that is constantly falling gives a higher probability of bad weather. With that in mind, you can see how useful this information can be for the outdoor enthusiast.

The Suunto Core Green Light Even Tells You Where To Go...

The Core Green Light also has a digital compass that is handy for getting yourself around in unknown locations; the compass along with a proper map will get you from A to B!

Suunto Core Watch Review

You can use the Compass in two ways; the traditional compass way by moving the outer bezel of the watch or by bearing tracking method as shown above. I had no reason to use the compass on my trip but I did wonder around the park arbitrarily picking a point A and point B the other day and both methods seemed pretty straight forward to use. It is important to note that local magnetic fields will affect the accuracy of the compass so the compass needs to be calibrated before use to ensure that you are getting accurate readings. Calibration is as simple as holding the Core level and rotating yourself around 360 degrees.

It is also very important to note that if you are planning to rely heavily on your compass, you should figure out what sort of map you are using, (ie Paper map or Orienteering map) and set your declination value appropriately. Paper maps will point to True North while Orienteering maps are drawn in relation to Magnetic North. True North and Magnetic North are not the same location and thus you need to set the declination on the compass in order to get accurate readings. The angle between magnetic and true north is the declination and the location of magnetic North changes each year so it is advisable to get up to date values from the internet. Sunnto suggest the National Geophysical Data Center. If using an Orienteering map that points to Magnetic North there is no need to set the declination and thus set the declination correction value to "0".

How Durable Is The Suunto Core Green Light?

Suunto Core Watch Review

Usually, I always seem to find myself being hard on watches and scratching the hell out of them. With the Suunto Core having such a large face, it is not hard to whack the watch into things. When riding at the bike park, I would toss the Core into my backpack along with my both my metal bike pumps and other tools and spare parts. I would have to say the mineral glass on the face is still scratch free and has held up extremely over the last few weeks of usage.

Suunto Core Watch Review

Although I have only had the Core for about a month, the construction of the watch seems pretty durable. I am definitely not nice to my watches and the band and the mineral glass are still intact. I am very surprised that I have not put a scratch into the face yet. The display is also large and easy to read. The rubber band on the watch feels pretty thin and with all the slots cut into the band, you would think that the structural integrity would be compromised when taking the watch on and off daily. Only time will tell how long this band will last, but I can what I can tell you is that the band is comfortable, breathable and stays in place when it is on my wrist. The closing latch on the watch is great and doesn’t come loose or flap around when closed up.

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  • I bouth the Suunto Core Alpine and with 2 month my watch fall in the ground of my home from my hands (3 ft fall) and broke the LCD. It's funny that a watch that will be used in adventure sports, climbing  and etc could be so fragile!! I will buy a Casio.

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