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iLuv i199 High Fidelity Mini Audio System for iPod Review

Sometimes, it's just not enough to enjoy your tunes on the Apple iPod by simply using the supplied headphones. You might want to share that music with the people around you (or you might not). But if you do, headphones aren't the answer. Alternatively, you may want to cut those cords and listen to your tunes without wires. That can certainly come in handy when you're preparing dinner or you need your hands free for some reason. Whatever the case, the good people at iLuv seem to have you covered for all of your musical enjoyment needs. Today, we check out the iLuv i199 (Black) High Fidelity Mini Audio System with Bluetooth for the Apple iPod.

Special Features of the iLuv 199 High Fidelity Mini Audio System

iLuv i199 High Fidelity Mini Audio System for iPod Review

Among the feature highlights are:

  • jAura acoustic speaker technology
  • Plays and charges your iPod with the integrated universal dock
  • Play back audio and MP3 CDs with slot-loading drive
  • AM/FM radio with PLL digital tuning technology
  • Digital clock with dual alarm
  • Play MP3 files stored on USB storage device
  • Auxiliary line-level input
  • BluePin audio transmitter/receiver included
  • Remote control included

As you may have noticed, there is no shortage of iPod speaker docks on the market. Many of those docks are exactly that: just docks with speakers attached to them. By contrast, the iLuv i199BLK is much more akin to a true stereo system as it contains a slim slot loading CD player that works with MP3's and your regular CDs. Perfect for those times when you left your iPod in the car or in your gym bag. That's why it's being marketed as a high fidelity mini audio system and not an iPod speaker dock. That makes sense.

In terms of size, the iLuv i199BLK isn't exactly the tiniest thing in the world, so you will want to dedicate a certain amount of desk or shelf space for it. But given it's CD playing capabilities, it might actually be saving you space. You should also make sure that you have ready access to the top panel, because that's where you will dock your iPod and have access to most of the controls. In other words, putting it underneath something where you can't have access to the top mount controls means having to yank it out all the time, defeating the Zen-like, uninterrupted music experience.

What's In The Box?

iLuv i199 High Fidelity Mini Audio System for iPod Review

Aside from the mini audio system itself, inside the box you'll find a wireless IR remote, AM/FM radio antennas, the unique BluePin Bluetooth transmitter and receiver, iPod dock inserts to fit a variety of iPod models including the iPhone, A/V cables, documentation, warranty information, and an instruction manual. It's all pretty much what you would expect from an iPod stereo dock and more. What also sets this manifest apart is the Bluetooth capabilities despite the fact that the iPhone or iPod has none.

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