There has been a lot of competition in the past few months in the micro and mini case market. Many of them have made efforts to include the standard 120 mm size fans, but small form factor cases often don’t have the extra room. be quiet! is here to address your smaller fan needs with two new Pure Wing 2 fans at 80 mm and 92 mm.

These fans are no different from the other great Pure Wing 2 fans. The use a high quality rifle bearing designed to last up to 80,000 hours (roughly 9 years) and have a maximum of 18.6 dBA, which is whisper quiet. The extra sturdy fan blades are also designed to minimize noise causing turbulence and increase air pressure. These are the perfect fans for tight spaces that need good air flow.

The new be quiet! Pure Wing 2 fans come in at great price as well. The 80 mm fan will retail for $11.79 (8.50 euros) and the 92 mm fan for $13.00 (9.40 euros), which is a little higher than your average fan. We promise that these are no average fans. Take it from me, once you have a set of high quality fans that will outlast your PC case, you will never buy lesser again.

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be quiet! updates its Pure Wings 2 fan series

Two new models in 80 and 92 mm now available

March 4, 2014 – be quiet!, the market leader of power supplies in Germany for eight consecutive years*, expands its entry level fan series Pure Wings 2 by a 80 mm and a 92 mm model.

With the Pure Wings 2 fan series, be quiet! has set a new standard for the price-performance-ratio of PC case fans. Now the brand presents two new members of the successful series. The new models are equipped with seven silence-optimized fan blades and high airflow capabilities while reducing noise-generating turbulences and increasing air pressure. The 92 mm model produces a maximum of 18.6 dB(A), while the 80 mm model produces a maximum of 18.2 dB(A) at top speed. High quality rifle bearings guarantee a very long lifespan of 80,000 hours, which is more than nine years. These attributes make even the smallest Pure Wings 2 fan a perfect fit for both home and office PCs as well as demanding gaming and multimedia builds. The new Pure Wings 2 models are especially recommended for the use in air cooling setups.

The Pure Wings 2 is available in four versions: The suggested retail price inc. VAT for the 80 mm model is 8.50 Euro and for the 92 mm model 9.40 Euro. The 120 mm version is available for a suggested price of 10.90 Euro while the 140 mm costs 11.90 Euro.


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