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Final Thoughts and Conclusion

The Samsung SyncMaster T220 LCD monitor doesn’t really bring anything fresh or exciting to the market in terms of technical features. Yes, they may boast about the 2ms response time and the 20000:1 contrast ratio, but the average set of eyes won’t be able to tell much of a difference from other monitors with slightly less impressive specs and a much lower price point. The more discerning amongst us may appreciate the improved specs though and gamers will likely appreciate the fast response time. However, what the Samsung SyncMaster T220 does bring is a new level of style.

The deep red finish is visually stunning and even though I’m not usually a fan of touch sensitive controls, the power “button” on the front works very well. There’s even a faint red glow beneath it to indicate that the monitor is on. Some touch controls don’t give you any feedback. Setting up and configuring the T220 was a breeze and I required very little in terms of tweaking to get the picture to a satisfactory level. The T220 is very easy on the eyes, both in terms of the physical design and the image displayed on the screen.

What I do wish that the T220 had was more in terms of both horizontal and vertical adjustment, and it would have been nice if the controls for the on-screen menu were a little more accessible. Having them on the right side and unmarked (from the front) does take a bit of getting used to. All this said, there’s not very much to complain about on this monitor… unless you don’t like red shiny pieces of electronics that gives you the same feelings that a shiny new high end sports car would. I guess you could call this “Monitor Bling” because all this can be yours for a premium over the competition. If you’ve got the cash, splurge. You’ll like it.


  • Simply stunning aesthetics
  • Sturdy base provides peace of mind
  • Brilliant performance
  • Low power consumption, especially on standby


  • Access to VGA, DVI, and power connectors is cumbersome
  • Controls for on-screen menu aren’t conveniently located
  • Not everyone likes the deep red look
  • Price is not a selling point (MSRP of about $350)

Overall Rating: 8.5 / 10.0

Futurelooks gives this the Ultra Bling award....

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