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Conclusion: You Pay For Pretty


Given the current MSRP of $299 US the Samsung SCX-4500 is hard to recommend over many of its contemporaries unless you’re willing to pay a premium for its physical attractiveness. Similarly-priced multifunction printers will be much more powerful than this machine, offering you all sorts of additional options and features. On the flip side, if you’re satisfied with the current level of functionality, you can achieve the same level at a significantly lower price. It’s just that the alternative won’t be so pleasing to the eye and you probably wouldn’t get treated to touch-sensitive controls either.

Despite its aesthetic appeal, the Samsung SCX-4500 definitely has its shortcomings. I find it strange that when the Korean company put so many attention into tossing in a piano black finish and beautiful LED displays, they forget about some of the smaller details. One aspect that really jumped out at me was the cheap plastic paper tray. Instead of a black plastic, there is this rather generic-looking clear plastic piece that loosely attaches to the front. It totally throws off the whole look and appeal of this printer and I found myself doing without the tray most of the time.

I’m glad that Samsung has gone with laser and I’m happy that they’ve decided to break the barrier, producing a printer that’s actually good-looking. However, with about a $100 premium over similarly-equipped multifunction printers, it can be very difficult to recommend. There’s no automatic duplexing, there’s no fax function, there’s no Ethernet port… the limitations are numerous.

To the SCX-4500’s credit, the machine is very quiet and I still like seeing my reflection in the piano black finish. Although overall performance is somewhat mediocre, this thing is definitely “Ultra Bling” and there is no doubt that Samsung receives points for innovation in breaking away from the traditional design of your standard office printer.


  • Very easy on the eyes. This one’s a looker.
  • Brilliant piano black finish with blue lighting
  • Easy to setup, easy to use
  • Reasonably compact size
  • Copier is quick and intuitive


  • Glossy finish is a fingerprint magnet
  • Overpriced for level of functionality
  • No network printing, no fax, no automatic duplex
  • Opening for toner cartridge is a little awkward
  • No piano black for sides and front

Overall Rating: 7.0/10

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