The new marketing trend in PC components is improving and expanding on the rather limited options for All-in-One liquid cooling solutions. Thermaltake has been one of the leading brands in this market for years and just announced the latest iteration of their lineup called the Water 3.0 LCS (Liquid Cooling Solution) series.

This next generation of the Thermaltake Water lineup comes in variations including the Extreme, Pro, and Performer. While there don’t seem to be any new features or design changes when compared to the Water 2.0 (check out our review of the original Extreme 2.0 right here), we found out at CES 2013 in January that the new series will have both an upgraded fan and pump for better performance.  The updates also offer you more choice in selecting the best solution for your particular setup . Picking the right system alone can result in a drastic performance improvement for those with the space for a full 240 mm radiator like the Water 3.0 Extreme, which features space for up to four 120 mm fans in a push pull configuration.

If you do not have the space for the flagship Water 3.0 Extreme, then you can move down to the Water 3.0 Pro with the double thick (49 mm) radiator. This provides optimal cooling in most PC cases. Finally you can choose Water 3.0 Performer for cases with less space such as a MicroATX tower, HTPC case, or Mini ITX cases. More details of the new offerings after the break.

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Sealed with a cool performance – Thermaltake Water 3.0 All-In-One Liquid Cooling System

April 26, 2013 –For a liquid cooler, enthusiasts are not only looking for an easy and clean setup to efficiently calm the roaring CPU, more likely they also crave for the best low-maintenance solution. Thermaltake, being an industry leader in computer chassis, thermal solutions, and power supply units announces the newest upgrade and is thrilled to launch the new Thermaltake All-In-One Liquid Cooling System (LCS) Water 3.0 series. The Water 3.0 lineup features the Water 3.0 Extreme, Water 3.0 Pro and Water 3.0 Performer. The new Water 3.0 Series made setting up just as easy as it cools. It is time to upgrade the simplicity of liquid CPU cooling to enjoy better cooling performance and protect the investment in the CPU as well.

Water 3.0 all-in-one LCS Series – Made for advanced performance

The entire Water 3.0 series comes with a standard full copper base plate for better heat conductivity, a powerful pump within the waterblock for a rapid water circulation, dual 12 cm high airflow fans for faster heat dissipation, and two low evaporation tubes effectively decrease the loss of coolant plus the high-tech sealed circulation system to prevent leaking issue. Yet, each model’s radiator has been refined accordingly to manage different specification. Moreover, Water 3.0 comes with a Windows based software to monitor and customize a wide range of parameters, including pump speed, coolant temperature and fan speed.

Water 3.0 Extreme

Extreme has a special designed 240 mm large surface radiator and the support of two more 120 mm fans for additional heat dissipation, targeting towards user who is always looking for the best with large chassis space.

Water 3.0 Pro

Pro has a standard radiator with double the thickness (49 mm), aiming toward mainstream users who requires a superb performance, however does not have enough chassis space to install an Extreme.

Water 3.0 Performer

Performer has a standard size 120 mm radiator, a perfect size to fit into various chassis, aiming toward first-timers who are new to LCS or who intimidated by the tradition custom LCS and wants an easier solution.

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