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I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I don’t think any average consumer uses a film-based camera anymore. At the same time, people still seem bent on physical printouts of their digital photographs. Most of which are placed into photo albums and frames for all to see. Things like graduation and wedding photos are particularly popular for this purpose. I find this trend to be quite curious; why would you mix the old school with the new school? If you’ve got digital photos, it only makes sense to display these pictures digitally. 


Sure, there are ways to view your photos on the computer. You can upload them to Flickr, email them to family members, or plaster them as a desktop wallpaper. But what about when you actually have guests over in your home? What about when you’re away from the computer? For times like those, there is the Rosewill RDF-670B digital picture frame.

Core Features and Specifications

  • 7″ Widescreen LCD With 4MB built in Memory support 20 photos
  • Supports SD, MC and Memory Stick Flash Memory Cards up to 2GB
  • Built-In Speakers
  • Card Style Remote Control
  • A/V Input/Output Jack
  • Brightness Adjustable
  • USB input Jack for Plugging In Your USB Flash Drive(Not for PC or Digital Camera)
  • Last Memory Function
  • No Distortion
  • High Speed Decoding
  • Media Auto Gathering and Sorting
  • Slideshow Mode

In and Out of the Box  

I’m not really sure what it is about the exterior packaging on this particular digital picture frame, but I found it to look quite cheap. I got the impression that it was one of those generic products that no one really wanted, only purchasing it because it was more affordable than a similar product from a bigger name. It’s strange that there is no picture of the actual picture frame on the box. You get a feature list on the back, but without opening the box, you really have no idea what this thing looks like. A simple photo on the front would have gone a long way. The multi-colored stripes near the bottom are pretty kitchy too.

Rosewill RDF-670B Digital Picture Frame Review

Opening the box, you discover what looks like the cardboard drink tray you get from McDonald’s. Inside this are the Rosewill RDF-670B photo frame, an DC power adapter, a USB adapter cable (the frame has mini-USB, but the adapter switches that to regular USB), and a single-paged user manual.


A credit card-sized wireless remote is also included as an added bonus. The range on this remote is decent, maxing out in the 15-20 foot range or so. Most of the core functions can be accessed via the wireless remote as well. By the time you get that far away, you’re not really looking at the photo anymore anyways.

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