Looking for a responsive, mechanical keyboard? Cooler Master gave PAX Prime 2011 gamers the opportunity to try out their brand new CM Storm Quick Fire Rapid mechanical gaming keyboard. Mechanical keyboards seem to be the sure fire way for gamers to bring their A-game. We were able to get first hand impressions just for you. Check out the video above (or directly on YouTube) for our interview with Carter Salley, product manager for the peripheral line.

CM Storm Quick Fire Rapid Mechanical Keyboard

As you no doubt have noticed, the keyboard doesn’t come with a number pad found on conventional keyboards. This makes the keyboard smaller which may or may not appeal to the LAN party ninja. It also features a removable braided USB cord to prevent keyboard pwnage. It even has cable routing channels on the back of the keyboard for left or right placement of the cord. The tactile key response is designed to report any and every key pushed no matter the number pressed. It also makes a loud click with each key press so this may annoy quiet gamers.

This compact, high quality keyboard is as of yet unreleased, but should hit the shelves sometime in late September with an MSRP of $89.99 US. Futurelooks will be looking at this one in a future video or review. Eagle eyed readers may also notice that one of the pictures in the gallery below are of a yet unreleased case. We don`t have much more information other than it`s called the Trooper and it`s getting ready to drop really soon.

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