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Just A Little Off Balance

I tried shoving the AC port relocation adapter as far in as it would go and I still got gross inaccuracies. A rough installation caused my weight in Wii Fit to be “reduced” by 16 pounds. Depending on who you talk to, this might be a good thing. Giving the adapter a solid squeeze and push, I was only able to reduce this discrepancy to 9 pounds.

This may not be an issue with certain games, but for a weight and BMI-focused title like Wii Fit, this inaccuracy is inexcusable. I figured that I could solve this problem by eschewing the AC port relocation adapter completely and plugging the AC adapter directly into the Nyko Energy Pak. Unfortunately, this doesn’t appear to work. When I tried, the Pak failed to charge. Nyko needs to either make the relocation adapter thinner or find a way to abandon it. The latter may help to reduce the price too.

Final Thoughts and Conclusions

Nyko Energy Pak for Wii Balance Board Review

All in all, Nyko has done a perfectly fine job with the Nyko Energy Pak for the Wii Balance Board. It performs precisely as advertised, providing a constant supply of power to your prized Wii Balance Board (is Wii Fit still hard to find in your area?), because you can charge the battery pack while it is still being used. This is incredibly convenient and the installation is absolutely seamless.

I have absolutely no qualms with the Nyko Energy Pak itself. Where I do have an issue is the unique AC port relocation adapter. The idea is a solid one, providing you easy access to the AC port without having to flip over your Wii Balance Board, but it causes quite a fair bit of inaccuracy with the Balance Board. I appreciate the contoured design (and the pretty blue light), but I am not willing to sacrifice accuracy for convenience.

Nyko Energy Pak for Wii Balance Board Review

If Nyko plans on updating this product, I feel that they should either make the relocation adapter a fair bit thinner or abandon it altogether. Aside from that, the Nyko Energy Pak rechargeable battery pack for the Wii Balance Board is a seriously solid product and it costs about the same as four name brand NiMH batteries anyway.


  • Convenient and affordable
  • Able to play and charge at the same time
  • No modification required for installation
  • A green energy solution
  • Good build quality and aesthetics (except for the port relocation adapter)


  • Relocation adapter causes Wii Balance Board to be inaccurate
  • Relocation adapter has poor build quality
  • Very specific application, cannot be used with other devices

Overall Rating: 7.5 / 10.0

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