Now that OCZ has arisen from the dead, thanks to the resurrection powers of Toshiba, many people are wondering what will become of the product warranties on all the OCZ products that they already have. This applies equally to the brand new Vertex SSD announcements, as well as legacy products you may already have in your system.

Well, OCZ is offering some clarification on this front and, for the most part, it’s not exactly positive. The short answer is if you have an OCZ product that isn’t an SSD, you’re pretty much out of luck if said products requires an RMA. This includes such product lines as their USB drives, DRAM and power supplies. The good news is that most of the SSD products are still going to be covered with normal support, including the Vector line, Vertex and RevoDrive.

If you’ve got something from the Agility line, you’re also getting covered with some support, but that’s going to expire on January 22, 2015. That gives you a little under a year left of coverage, meaning that the warranty period for your Agility 3 or Agility 4 drive is going to be truncated. That’s still better than no coverage at all.


The handy table above gives you a quick overview of what is and is not covered. You can also hit up the official OCZ warranty page for more specific details. We are hearing that OCZ already has a buyer lined up for its PSU business, so you may be able to get some warranty service through the new owner when and if that ever happens.

Via AnandTech

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